Jazz Pitt is Life Coach who helps you to reignite and prioritise your happiness. Her background is in the corporate world of business. Circumstances led her on a long journey of self-exploration, self-healing and rediscovery.

Jazz has learned the power of CBT and life coaching and is now a certified life coach herself.

Amongst others, she has also worked with vulnerable adults and suicidal individuals.

She now inspires others to realise their own power, achieve happiness and life success. Jazz is a devoted mother, loving wife and a natural empath. Her story has inspired lots of individuals to rise-up and leap forward to achieve the results they desire.

See my full story below…

My crossroads – LIVE or DIE? I am Jazz Pitt and I chose to LIVE!

Anger. Resentment. Bitterness. Pain. Hurt. Isolation. Loneliness. The emotions of a young girl.

Being born in the UK to a traditional Indian family meant freedom and growth was forbidden as a child. I wasn’t allowed to go see friends and friends were not allowed at mine. Social interaction was discouraged outside of the family.

Unbeknown to my family, I was forced into several ‘inappropriate’ situations by the time I was 10.….my family had no idea. Parents always try to protect you from the monsters outside the home, but nobody warns you about those that are welcome in.

I told no one. I remained quiet. I began to fall into a dark, unfamiliar place. I reacted by being a pissed off, anger fuelled, bad tempered primary school bully, who unsurprisingly, nobody liked or wanted to be with.

So as a young girl, I had learned the wrong lessons in life. I questioned everything and trusted no one and lived with a very distorted and toxic view of the world.
I couldn’t process my feelings. I didn’t understand them. Nothing made sense.

I learned to detach myself from the memories and carry on.

Eventually my sisters were happily married off and moved miles away. I felt lost. I felt lonely. I was sad and traumatised. I had lost my confidence and my sense of identity. I felt abandoned. I had to find a path that I could walk on my own.

I learned to detach myself from the memories and carry on.

I chose the path of education. I was the first girl in my family, allowed to stay on for further education. My friends were a tight nit circle of girls. They had become my guides in the absence of my sisters. I wanted them to hold my hand and show me the way forward. Except, falling out with one of them meant falling out with all of them. I had to deal with threats, abusive phone calls and verbal abuse. I became withdrawn and spent a year in isolation. I was scared to go out. I was scared to go school, I pretended to go but stayed home instead. This was my introduction to the world of anxiety.

I learned to detach myself from the memories and carry on.

Once I had graduated and began working, I started rebelling. After 2 years of partying hard with my white boyfriend and hiding it very well from my family, it was time to get married off to a suitable Indian guy. My boyfriend and I decided to go our separate ways and I agreed to get married to a man acceptable to my family.
There was just one problem… 3 weeks later I realised I was pregnant. My secret life full of freedom, independence and an unacceptable relationship had come back to bite me. I learned the art of ‘denial’.

So, I learned to detach myself from the memories and carry on.

After some time when I couldn’t physically hide it any longer, I came clean. I knew my family could not accept a mixed-race child out of wedlock, so all I could do was leave.

That night, I packed my bags and left everything that I trusted, loved and knew. I was officially ‘disowned’.

I learned to detach myself from the memories and carry on.

I made it through the pregnancy with the support of my friends, colleagues and my baby’s father.

8 months later my beautiful healthy son was born!!! I was overjoyed! I was so happy! He was so perfect!

Little did I know – now that survival mode was over, the worst was yet to come.

All the ‘detaching’ I had done? Well here it was! Out of nowhere! All in 1 BIG, FAT, LUMP!!!

I broke. I crumbled. I fell into a million pieces.

I became reliant on mild substances just to find a way of numbing my internal pain and anguish.

The depression I felt at the loss of my mum, dad and siblings was darker than ever before! I was sad, so sad and I couldn’t detach this time. I couldn’t just carry on. I tried so hard but the pain and the hurt just went deeper and deeper. I wanted my mum. I wanted her smell and warmth. I wanted her to hold me and never let me go.

The biggest, scariest and most powerful feeling I felt, was ANXIETY. I knew exactly why it was there. The memories of what I had learned by 10 years old, were haunting me! I had spent years with them in the back of my head and I had coped. But now they wouldn’t go back into their box! They were at the fore front and they were all I could think about. My body felt actual pain from the daily growing knot in the pit of my stomach, I was helpless.

I met a man who is now my amazing husband, he urged me to get help. I was referred for counselling. But guess what? I accepted the first lot of help from a qualified counsellor, who then decided on my first session, that I was so messed up, she could not help me. My issues were ‘too big’ she said.

  • I gave up.
  • I was too messed up
  • I was ‘dirty’
  • I was to blame – GUILT
  • I wasn’t good enough for anything
  • I had nothing to offer anyone
  • I hated the world and most things in it
  • I was just one big FAILURE

There was no coming back from this. After all, if a professional can’t handle me for 30mins, I must be unfixable.

In the meantime, my depression was taking me lower and lower. My anxiety was making my stomach tighter and tighter. I had been living with this for 2 years now and I just couldn’t cope anymore. I hit rock bottom.

I was exhausted from carrying all of this with me for every waking moment for the last 2 years. Through my tears and pain, I looked at my husband and finally said the words out loud…… ‘LET ME DIE’.

This was my lowest point. I cried a lot. I felt like I didn’t belong and I spent the next 2 days like a robot. I did as I was told. Wash, eat, sleep, go for walks. I just did it. I didn’t have the energy to fight. Looking back, I see that I was spending all of my energy weighing things up.

BUT this also became my turning point!

I had thought of these 3 words over and over again. The realisation set in once I had said the words out loud. Could I let my baby grow up without the unconditional love of a mother? Could I?

The answer was NO!

My answer was full of anger. It was full of power and determination. I knew I had a long way to go but I had made up my mind. I didn’t care if professionals said I was beyond help. I didn’t care that my previous attempts at sorting my shit out, had failed. I didn’t care that life had been tough and I felt abandoned. I had to fix this. No one else was going to, it had to be all me.

My only mission now was to find a way to REIGNITE MY FIRE AND MASTER MY HAPPINESS!!!!

My journey to recovery wasn’t easy but it was my most courageous journey yet! I spent 6 years in therapy and worked though my wounds. I finally ‘processed’ things that I had ‘detached’ from. I learned coping mechanisms, strategies and tools to move forward and more importantly to move up! I learned and adopted the power of CBT, the power of visualisation and I broke through my limiting beliefs!

My relationship with my family was given the chance to heal.

I continued my journey with a further 3 years of self healing where I used the knowledge learned to gain back power and control. I volunteered to work with vulnerable adults for 4 years and I moved on to volunteer for a ‘suicide helpline’.

  • Then I finally decided to answer the new voice in my head.
  • I am courageous, strong and determined
  • Shit happened when I was a child. I wasn’t to blame. Not one bit of it was my fault!
  • I have so much to offer
  • I love this world! I love people! I now see the true beauty within both.
  • I am a here to help others

I accepted this new part of me with open arms and completed my Diploma in Life Coaching. I passed with a DISTINCTION!!!

Today I can finally say I have done it! I found my way back to an unfound level of happiness and I have the fire within me, that makes me absolutely love life again! Average just wasn’t going to do!

Don’t get me wrong, my journey to go deeper and know myself better, will never ever end and I don’t want it to. But I now know how to rise up. How to regain my power and freedom. I changed my dreams into goals and learned to believe in myself.

Growth is now my home.

I Jazz Pitt have been able to work through the panic attacks, anxiety and depression. Through extensive self development, I have learned to forgive myself and others. Today…..there is nothing that holds me back!

My relationship with my family is back on form and we are now the strongest we have ever been.

I am married to my best friend and I am blessed with a son who has a beautiful soul. I am finally living my dream!

I now own my own coaching business. I have confidence, determination and complete peace of mind that I can achieve whatever goal I set myself.

All my experiences have allowed me to empower other women to live up to their true potential. I would love to show you the way forward and more importantly, the way up. Boy is it great up here! You will discover as I did, there is always another level up matter how high you go.

We deserve a life full of happiness! We are worthy of mastering our happiness and I would be happy and honoured to guide you to yours. With happiness in our pocket, we are unstoppable in any part of life!

Jazz Pitt. The girl who chose to LIVE like never before!

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