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Jazz Pitt

The inner critic must be embraced not banished….

For years and years I worked against my inner critic. I tried to silence it. I got angry with it. I was hostile with it. I read numerous books and articles on it. Yet still…it continued to sabotage me, hinder my progress and ultimately, became the enemy.

Looking back now, I can see how all that I was doing, was giving the inner critic more power. It became louder. It became angrier and more hostile with me!

Years later and I am finally in a position where my inner critical voice now serves me. It works with me. It is no longer hostile or angry, in fact, I would go as far as to say, it is now a ‘friend’.

Today I would like to share the 7 key steps, which I repeated over and over again, to finally bring my inner critic under control.

Before I share these, I would like to share the words of Dr Wayne Dyer: ‘loving people live in a loving world, hostile people live in a hostile world – same world’

I can honestly say, I have experienced both these worlds. You can view my full story at https://www.jazzpitt.com/about/ – thankfully today, I live in a loving world.

The second point I would like to make is this….the typical stuff just doesn’t seem to work for me. My journey from my own personal breakdown and suicidal thoughts, was one I had to navigate myself. I tried and tested things. I experimented with myself. Some things helped me move forward, others didn’t. Today I am a certified Life Coach, helping professionals to reignite and prioritise their happiness. My unique Coaching style comes from the things that personally worked for me, not from books, not from my training but from my own personal journey. I am utterly grateful to see the results this is delivering to my Clients. In the past, I have often read statements and headings that use words like ‘banish’ your inner critic, ‘silence’ your inner critic, ‘let go’ of your inner critic.

Trust me, I tried to ‘banish, silence and let go’…..none of these worked. Why? Because my inner critic simply wanted to heard. The more I tried to banish it, silence it, shut it down, the more it took control. At one point I was a absolute slave to it.

So, here are the 7 steps I still practice today, to keep my relationship with my inner critic, as one that serves me. These 7 steps were practiced consistently over a long period of time to develop new habits and embrace a new mindset….I truly hope they do the same for you.

1)Notice – Start allowing yourself to notice at what points in your life, you inner critic is showing up. Maybe it is with work/career? Maybe it shows up around social occasions? Maybe it shows up when you get new ideas or begin new projects?

2)Value – Acknowledge that this voice is here to serve to you. Accept that it is trying to bring you some value. Whenever the inner critic shows up, it is letting you know that whatever situation it is showing up in, it is one that matters to you. It indicates how much you want this. It gives you insight into your own passion to drive to succeed in this.

3)Listen…then question – So now that you have noticed the voice and you acknowledge that it is letting you know ‘this really matters’ to you, question it. How true is this inner critic? What evidence is there to back up what it is saying? I actually kept a journal where I would list all evidence to back up my inner critic. Needless to say, I ended up telling my inner critic of all that I had achieved in my past. My focus would shift from evidence to back it up, to evidenced achievements I could challenge it with.

4)Change the dialogue – If your inner critic says ‘what if it doesn’t work’, we can reply with ‘what if it does!’ This point has so many benefits. If we allow ourselves to look at what success would look like, we begin to visualise and feel all that we will experience if it does work! What we focus on grows, this point allows us to focus on the success rather than the failure. This is extremely important in adopting a positive mindset.

5)Let go of ‘perfection’ – Give yourself permission to do your best. It doesn’t need to be perfect. What is ‘perfect’ anyway? My perfect will be different to your perfect. ‘Perfect’ hinders progress, not only that but with me, it stopped me trying anything! I can’t begin to list the number of projects/ideas that I picked up and dropped within a few weeks over the years, all because I was not perfect. Finally deciding my best was good enough was how I finally rose up from the depths I had experienced.

6)Acceptance – You are not the only one with an inner critic. We ALL have an inner critic. ‘Its main evolutionary purpose isn’t to suck the life out of you and make the world seem blacker than tar. It’s simply to help you conform and, subsequently, have a better chance at survival’ Wanda Thibodeaux

7)Face the fear – Talk to your inner critic. Let it know that you are not striving for perfection, you are striving to do your best….then do it anyway. Let it know that you are learning, experimenting and growing…then do it anyway. I am a mother to my 12 year old son. My son is a typical 12 year old which means that in today’s world, he is going on 16! He faces his inner critic on a regular basis. As with most 12 year olds, they have not yet ‘befriended’ their inner critic. When he begins listening to the doubts of his inner critic, I challenge him with a loving and compassionate tone. It is the same tone I use with my own inner critic. My inner critic is a fearful child that just wants me to survive. If we respond to this fearful child as a supportive adult, we will embrace the inner critic with compassion and diminish its power in sabotaging ourselves but increase its power in serving us.

I truly hope these 7 steps help you in embracing your inner critic so it no longer holds you back, as it did me for so many years. Don’t shrink to suit and fit your inner critic. EXPAND so your inner critic comes with you and learns a few things along the way 🙂

Much happiness to you.

Jazz Pitt

Jazz Pitt

3 actions to take when we feel stressed, annoyed or blue…

Sometimes we can get completely sucked in to a negative situation or a bad day. We never intended to but before we know it, we are there. Stressed. Unhappy. Feeling blue.

So here are my Top 3 actions to take when we feel like this👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Try these to:
Create an immediate shift out of the negativity
Switch to a higher frequency
Break the momentum & power of the negative situation
Draw a line under it to move on with the rest of your day positively

Stop. Stand still. Allow yourself to feel the weight of your feet pushing down on the floor. You are now in the PRESENT. Not in the past, not in the future. You are here, in the RIGHT NOW. Take a deep breath. Right now, you are okay. The situation that happened 5 mins ago, hours ago, days ago isn’t here with you in the RIGHT NOW. If you feel worry, you are thinking about the future. The future is not in the RIGHT NOW. Let it all go with a few deep breaths as you allow all your weight to sink to your feet.

Shift your frequency and interrupt the negative thoughts IMMEDIATELY with a smile! Simple but powerful. When our smiling muscles contract, the fire a signal to our brain. This stimulates our reward system and further increases our happy hormones/endorphins. In short – when our brain feels happy, we smile. When we smile, our brain feels happy. It is not a one way street! It works both ways so let’s use both tool. Our brain and our smile 😊

It is not the situation that is causing us to feel this way. It is OUR THOUGHTS about it. Is there a lesson to learn here? Can I grow from this experience? Is this event, that has triggered these bad thoughts, going to matter in a year? If our ultimate question to every thought is ‘How does this serve me?’ – we begin to let go of bad thoughts, keep with the good ones and over time our brain develops the habit of focusing on the GOOD STUFF and letting go of the bad stuff.

Jazz Pitt

Own it…..it’s yours!

1️⃣Have you convinced yourself that happiness is a luxury that you aren’t lucky enough to have?

❗️Happiness is something that each and everyone of us deserve! We are born with an abundance of happiness so why as adults, do we convince ourselves ‘it’s just not something within my reach’

2️⃣What are you ‘waiting’ for?

❗️We tell ourselves that we’ll be happy once we get x,y,z. We make excuses by ‘waiting for the right time’. Happiness isn’t something we need to save up for and purchase. Make the decision today, start with small steps. It’s your choice – ONE DAY? Or DAY ONE?

3️⃣We tell ourselves we are not valuable

❗️I am not important. I am not special. There are lots of unhappy people in the world so it’s not a big deal. Well guess what, it is! We all have individual gifts. We are all ‘uniquely brilliant’. We ALL have something to offer to ourselves and others. If we don’t value ourselves, how can we expect others to?

▶️We spend thousands every year on clothes, cars, shoes etc….investing in ourselves makes us uncomfortable – WHY?

▶️We wait and wait for tomorrow – WHY?

▶️Remember, doing nothing is also a decision.

Jazz Pitt

3 powerful questions to consider when faced with a difficult decision or taking a challenging step

3 powerful questions to consider when faced with a difficult decision or taking a challenging step :

1️⃣ What are the implications if you do nothing?

2️⃣What can’t you not do (eg. I can’t not put myself forward for that interview)

3️⃣If happiness is a currency, how rich are you?

Listing pros and cons is the obvious way to help with decision making. However, this exercise can neglect and undermine key parts of WHO WE ARE.

▶️We should not exclude our own personal values

▶️We should not belittle our own sense of purpose

▶️We should absolutely prioritise our happiness!

Live your life/career FOR YOU, AS YOU. Anything else is huge disservice to yourself.

What are your thoughts? Does a pros and cons list always work for you? Do you feel it overlooks key factors?

Jazz Pitt

Jazz Pitt

My Top 5 Tips on how to ‘HEAL’

▶️Do you try your hardest to look ahead but keep going back to old thoughts and behaviors

▶️Do you BLAME yourself

▶️Have you convinced yourself that things cannot change because you are not in control

▶️Do you believe happiness is a luxury you will never obtain

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of the above…my next question to you is ‘HAVE YOU ALLOWED YOURSELF TO HEAL’

Often as professionals or as Leaders of tomorrow, we have a ‘push forward’ mindset. This mindset is a blessing. We strive to grow and be successful. However, this mindset can also be impatient, want fast results and neglects the need to ‘heal’.


‘What many people don’t understand is the heart and soul need time to heal when wounded, just as much as physical wounds do. Don’t expect the pain to ever go away if you don’t give yourself a chance to heal’ Melanie Koulouris

If we don’t allow ourselves to heal, we will never be able to live the best version of ourselves. So please allow me share My 5 Top Tips to heal:

1️⃣ Make a list of the events you feel you need to heal from

Set aside some time to examine the event(s). Pain can grow and grow. By gaining clarity on the core event(s) you need to heal from, you may find that unnecessary things have attached to the pain and allowed it to grow.

2️⃣Accept and honor your pain

It’s time to accept what happened. Accept and acknowledge the impact it has had on you. Honour the pain by knowing that you are still standing here today and therefore you have an opportunity to heal, learn and grow from it.

3️⃣Give yourself regular time alone

Think of the ways that work for you, just like taking a pill for a headache, allow yourself to explore the best medicine for you which will allow you work through and redirect the pain eg. painting, walking, being outdoors, journaling, meditating, exercising etc…

4️⃣Reach out

Time alone is great in helping us to ‘process’ things. However too much time alone can lead us to go inwards and become isolated. Make sure you reach out to those that allow you time and patience to heal. Balance your time alone and time with loved ones

5️⃣Learn from it

Allow yourself to explore the positives. This one can be the most difficult and it might take sometime before are able to do this. This stage allows COMPASSION, for you and for others. Think of the lessons learned. Think of the positive impact it has had eg. Are you stronger? Are you humbled? Are you a better mother, father, partner, friend?

For those of you on my REIGNITE HAPPINESS Facebook group, I will be doing a LIVE shortly to explain in more detail, how I applied these tips to heal in my own life.

❗️The purpose of these tips are to help you move forward. Exploring the thing we are healing from is important but please be careful not to give it so much energy that it grows. Be aware of your own balance

Jazz Pitt

Are you neglecting your company’s most valuable asset?

❗️Please note : This article has been written for BUSINESS OWNERS, CEOS, MANAGERS & EXECUTIVES

Most Coaches I know:

Work with Directors, CEO’s, Executives. Most of these high performing, successful individuals understand the power of Coaching and are willing to invest in themselves to excel their business/career. BIG MONEY.

I however, serve ‘the people’. You know, the ones that have daily interaction with your customers. The ones that are your ‘shop front’. The ones that keep things operational day in, day out. For me it’s about BIG PURPOSE.

Here’s why…..

The suggestion for these individuals/employees is often ‘counselling’ or simply nothing (Counselling definitely serves a purpose in some cases but is not always the answer). What if Coaching was the missing ingredient to mastering their own lives? Unfortunately many can’t commit to that level of financial investment. Is it beneficial for the company if only the people at the top get to flourish from consistent, forward thinking and solution focused Coaching?

Some employers are passionate about employee well being. They bring in motivational and empowerment workshops. Which is great!

But how many that attend, go home and practice all they have learned? Less than 5%. After and initial lift, eventually it all falls by the wayside.

How many take their ‘workbooks’ home and update and review their goals and work on their growth mindset consistently? Less than 2%. Do we really expect individuals to be able to coach themselves after a workshop?

MY SOLUTION – Invest in your employees by hiring a Coach who can work with them on a one to one basis consistently. CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY TO LASTING CHANGE.

•Freedom Coaching trains individuals to adopt a Growth Mindset by encouraging personal growth and change
•Freedom Coaching helps individuals to recognise and embrace opportunities in their own lives
•Freedom Coaching increases self confidence by overcoming challenges and obstacles and achieving personal goals
•Freedom Coaching helps empower individuals so they feel more in control of their freedom and choices
•Freedom Coaching teaches consistent Gratitude, proven to increase a positive mindset
•Freedom Coaching prioritises happiness.

Just imagine having your company full of individuals who:

•Have a GROWTH MINDSET – flexible, adaptable, resilient and open minded
•Look for OPPORTUNITIES – innovative and ‘thinking outside the box’ individuals
•Have SELF CONFIDENCE – makers of strong and meaningful work relationships
•Have a POSITIVE MINDSET – clearer decision making and action takers
•Own their FREEDOM and CHOICES – satisfied and purposeful individuals
•Are HAPPY – At least 20% more productive than unhappy individuals

If you are interested in finding out more, please email hello@jazzpitt.com

Jazz Pitt

Shatter your existing beliefs to achieve your greatest breakthrough 

As a professional or leader of tomorrow, you more than likely are or realise the importance of being an ‘action taker’.

What many of my clients seem to overlook before working with me, is their own belief system and the impact it has on all areas of their life.
Roger Bannister
Prior to 1974 the common belief was that man was not physically capable of running a mile in under 4 minutes. Then on 6th May 1954, Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute barrier with a time of 3:59.4
A great achievement in itself, it’s what followed that I find most astounding. After Bannister broke this barrier, a further 37 athletes went on to run a mile in under 4 minutes that same year! And many more since. Not only did Bannister shatter his own existing beliefs, but he shattered many others’.
•Self belief let’s you see opportunities
If you believe you can reach your goals, your mind operates with the highest amount of receptivity to detect opportunities
•Self belief finds creative solutions
When faced with a problem in life or work we can get anxious. The solution becomes harder to find. Self belief helps you to think clearly as it stimulates reasoning, memory and creativity. Making it more likely to find GOOD solutions
•Self belief stimulates action and persistence
Motivation plays a massive part in creating the life and career we desire. With self belief we are more likely to play the long game and keep going even when we encounter setbacks
•Self belief makes others more responsive
If you deliver your requests with conviction, others will be more inclined to respond to your request. Lack of self belief can lead to hesitance which makes rejection more likely.
As professionals and Leaders of tomorrow, we must ensure our belief system is in check. Being an ‘action taker’ is important. However, if you place ceilings on yourself you will miss key opportunities and shy away from those critical decisions that allow you to achieve your true potential. We are capable of so much more than we realise.
I work with individuals on a one to one basis to challenge their belief system. After all, our beliefs come from our past, but just because we think it, doesn’t make it true. If you would to explore your true potential, you can book a FREE Discovery Call with me at https://www.jazzpitt.com/coaching/
I also deliver one to one coaching within businesses. CEOs, Executives and business owners are beginning to recognise the benefit of investing in their professional staff and their Leaders of tomorrow. The result? A solid team of confident and opportunistic action takers! To find out more as an employer, please email hello@jazzpitt.com
What ceilings are you placing on yourself?
Are your beliefs holding you back in your life or career?
Jazz Pitt

SUCCESS MINDSET is changing….

The further back we go, the more we realise how much the world and business has changed.
Many of yesterday’s leaders would define their mindset as:
•Wanting to make money
•Wanting to be financially rich
•Learned until graduating
•Priortised work long and hard
•Didn’t carry out work for free
•Driven by Car, House, Status
•Expecting to lead how they were led
I am not saying there is anything wrong with the above. In fact, it worked! This mindset led to many success stories. But as I mentioned, things change.
A few of today’s Leaders are beginning to adopt the NEW success mindset :
•Want to make money
•Provide value
•Solve problems
•Never stop learning
•Driven by purpose
•Have the need to grow
•Lead with flexibility and adaptability
•Look for work/life balance
•Recognise the importance of their team
As a result, today’s leaders are investing in Leadership Coaches, accepting the change and moving forward to this new way of thinking and leading.
But what about tomorrow’s Leaders and today’s professionals? US! We are struggling to find our way whilst this transition takes place.
We too need help to adopt the most powerful and positive mindset that is necessary for our lives and today’s world.
If you would like know how one to one coaching can help your business and your Leaders of tomorrow, please email hello@jazzpitt.com for more information.
If you are a professional or a Leader of tomorrow, I also offer private coaching. Please email hello@jazzpitt.com for more information.
Jazz Pitt

Just. Do. It

I know, I know – it’s not as easy as that right?
Well guess what….it is!!!
We could be broken or healing from recent or past traumas. We could be struggling with parenthood, career, family or just simply, life.
We feel down, low and could even be feeling at breaking point. But the sooner we realise that nothing will improve unless WE take control, the better.
We don’t have to achieve the dream today. We don’t have to get to the destination now….all we need to do as start the journey. Just.Do.It
Trust me when I tell you that you can be somewhere completely different in a month! My clients have had massive results! I am so so proud of them! I can guide my clients, I can support my clients, I can ask them the powerful questions but ultimately they need to took the actions. They decided to Just.Do.It!!! pastedGraphic_1.png??pastedGraphic_1.png??
You know where you want to be. What is the first step you can take towards it today?

Much love

Jazz x

Jazz Pitt

What power? Im calling Bull****!

pastedGraphic.png?You have the power to SMILE pastedGraphic.png?

Change your mental state by changing your physical state. In fact, take a moment to smile to yourself right now. Why does something as simple as a grin have so much power to motivate you?

pastedGraphic.png?You have the power to GAIN CLARITY pastedGraphic.png?

Yes, we can make all the excuses in the world for not being able to get 15 minutes alone. But they ARE excuses. So, you are feeling lost or you can’t find your direction. Give yourself 15 minutes every day to brainstorm or meditate or write or do whatever works for you to gain clarity. Stick with it! These 15 minutes will become your awakening bubble!

pastedGraphic.png?You have the power of FREEDOM pastedGraphic.png?

Make your choices wisely. You are starting your business, you work, you have a family, a partner and other responsibilities and commitments, therefore your freedom is limited. No! This is a complete illusion. I work, I have a family, I have a husband, I have a home to run but I also manage to make time for my business. Why? Because I choose wisely. Every minute of my day is valuable, as is yours! Learn to consciously choose every choice you make, before too long your choices will work for you, not against you.

pastedGraphic.png?You have the power to be REAL YOU pastedGraphic.png?

I hid away for years. Worried about others, worried about fitting in and conforming. I don’t fit and I’m a little odd. I know that. But then I came out to play and my world view was flipped upside down. Have people tried to influence and direct me away from my authentic self? Yes! Is going it alone scary? Yes! But am I being true to myself? Absolutely! And guess what? The world wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. There are other people that don’t fit. There are others that are a little odd, we all fit somewhere, just not everywhere. I am happy fitting in where there is a need to serve others, where there is love and compassion and where success is happiness AND money not simply money alone. 

pastedGraphic.png?There is so much MORE power within you! I’m bursting with excitement for you! Because if you are reading this, you know I’m telling you the truth and you know its time. Reignite that fire to get to where you want to be. Its all within your power. TRUST MEpastedGraphic.png

Much love

Jazz x