3 powerful questions to consider when faced with a difficult decision or taking a challenging step :

1️⃣ What are the implications if you do nothing?

2️⃣What can’t you not do (eg. I can’t not put myself forward for that interview)

3️⃣If happiness is a currency, how rich are you?

Listing pros and cons is the obvious way to help with decision making. However, this exercise can neglect and undermine key parts of WHO WE ARE.

▶️We should not exclude our own personal values

▶️We should not belittle our own sense of purpose

▶️We should absolutely prioritise our happiness!

Live your life/career FOR YOU, AS YOU. Anything else is huge disservice to yourself.

What are your thoughts? Does a pros and cons list always work for you? Do you feel it overlooks key factors?

Jazz Pitt