The further back we go, the more we realise how much the world and business has changed.
Many of yesterday’s leaders would define their mindset as:
•Wanting to make money
•Wanting to be financially rich
•Learned until graduating
•Priortised work long and hard
•Didn’t carry out work for free
•Driven by Car, House, Status
•Expecting to lead how they were led
I am not saying there is anything wrong with the above. In fact, it worked! This mindset led to many success stories. But as I mentioned, things change.
A few of today’s Leaders are beginning to adopt the NEW success mindset :
•Want to make money
•Provide value
•Solve problems
•Never stop learning
•Driven by purpose
•Have the need to grow
•Lead with flexibility and adaptability
•Look for work/life balance
•Recognise the importance of their team
As a result, today’s leaders are investing in Leadership Coaches, accepting the change and moving forward to this new way of thinking and leading.
But what about tomorrow’s Leaders and today’s professionals? US! We are struggling to find our way whilst this transition takes place.
We too need help to adopt the most powerful and positive mindset that is necessary for our lives and today’s world.
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