Sometimes we can get completely sucked in to a negative situation or a bad day. We never intended to but before we know it, we are there. Stressed. Unhappy. Feeling blue.

So here are my Top 3 actions to take when we feel like this👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Try these to:
Create an immediate shift out of the negativity
Switch to a higher frequency
Break the momentum & power of the negative situation
Draw a line under it to move on with the rest of your day positively

Stop. Stand still. Allow yourself to feel the weight of your feet pushing down on the floor. You are now in the PRESENT. Not in the past, not in the future. You are here, in the RIGHT NOW. Take a deep breath. Right now, you are okay. The situation that happened 5 mins ago, hours ago, days ago isn’t here with you in the RIGHT NOW. If you feel worry, you are thinking about the future. The future is not in the RIGHT NOW. Let it all go with a few deep breaths as you allow all your weight to sink to your feet.

Shift your frequency and interrupt the negative thoughts IMMEDIATELY with a smile! Simple but powerful. When our smiling muscles contract, the fire a signal to our brain. This stimulates our reward system and further increases our happy hormones/endorphins. In short – when our brain feels happy, we smile. When we smile, our brain feels happy. It is not a one way street! It works both ways so let’s use both tool. Our brain and our smile 😊

It is not the situation that is causing us to feel this way. It is OUR THOUGHTS about it. Is there a lesson to learn here? Can I grow from this experience? Is this event, that has triggered these bad thoughts, going to matter in a year? If our ultimate question to every thought is ‘How does this serve me?’ – we begin to let go of bad thoughts, keep with the good ones and over time our brain develops the habit of focusing on the GOOD STUFF and letting go of the bad stuff.