❗️Please note : This article has been written for BUSINESS OWNERS, CEOS, MANAGERS & EXECUTIVES

Most Coaches I know:

Work with Directors, CEO’s, Executives. Most of these high performing, successful individuals understand the power of Coaching and are willing to invest in themselves to excel their business/career. BIG MONEY.

I however, serve ‘the people’. You know, the ones that have daily interaction with your customers. The ones that are your ‘shop front’. The ones that keep things operational day in, day out. For me it’s about BIG PURPOSE.

Here’s why…..

The suggestion for these individuals/employees is often ‘counselling’ or simply nothing (Counselling definitely serves a purpose in some cases but is not always the answer). What if Coaching was the missing ingredient to mastering their own lives? Unfortunately many can’t commit to that level of financial investment. Is it beneficial for the company if only the people at the top get to flourish from consistent, forward thinking and solution focused Coaching?

Some employers are passionate about employee well being. They bring in motivational and empowerment workshops. Which is great!

But how many that attend, go home and practice all they have learned? Less than 5%. After and initial lift, eventually it all falls by the wayside.

How many take their ‘workbooks’ home and update and review their goals and work on their growth mindset consistently? Less than 2%. Do we really expect individuals to be able to coach themselves after a workshop?

MY SOLUTION – Invest in your employees by hiring a Coach who can work with them on a one to one basis consistently. CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY TO LASTING CHANGE.

•Freedom Coaching trains individuals to adopt a Growth Mindset by encouraging personal growth and change
•Freedom Coaching helps individuals to recognise and embrace opportunities in their own lives
•Freedom Coaching increases self confidence by overcoming challenges and obstacles and achieving personal goals
•Freedom Coaching helps empower individuals so they feel more in control of their freedom and choices
•Freedom Coaching teaches consistent Gratitude, proven to increase a positive mindset
•Freedom Coaching prioritises happiness.

Just imagine having your company full of individuals who:

•Have a GROWTH MINDSET – flexible, adaptable, resilient and open minded
•Look for OPPORTUNITIES – innovative and ‘thinking outside the box’ individuals
•Have SELF CONFIDENCE – makers of strong and meaningful work relationships
•Have a POSITIVE MINDSET – clearer decision making and action takers
•Own their FREEDOM and CHOICES – satisfied and purposeful individuals
•Are HAPPY – At least 20% more productive than unhappy individuals

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