pastedGraphic.png?GUILT – Because I carry guilt. Therefore I should be punished

pastedGraphic.png?BLAME – Because I carry blame. Therefore I should carry all burdens

pastedGraphic.png?SHAME – Because I carry shame. Therefore I hide and suppress myself

pastedGraphic.png?UNLOVED – Because I am unloved. Therefore I must be ‘perfect’

pastedGraphic.png?BROKEN – Because I am broken. Therefore I must appear whole.

Can you relate to any of the above?

I certainly can. I can definitely admit that, I, Jazz, have a self destruct button and oh boy have I pushed it in the past! GUILT was my biggest trigger….possibly with a mix of some of the others too! 

The good news? These are all emotions and thoughts! They are not physical objects that are attached to us. Therefore these are things we can acknowledge, accept and then with some work…..finally let go and fly high! pastedGraphic_1.png?

Such thoughts and emotions serve a purpose at times. But they DO NOT serve a purpose when they start holding you back from YOUR LIFE! The life that you know should be rightfully yours!!!!

Book a complimentary online Discovery Session with me and see where you can go if you ‘JUST GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY’ pastedGraphic.png

Much love 

Jazz x