No!!!!! The problem is only ever the MINDSET.

Bullshit? Let me explain. pastedGraphic.png?

You are stressed at work because you are being overloaded. Weeks, months go by and it’s just draining you. But then you get a bigger problem. Redundancies are being made. You really need this job and the financial security. Once the second and bigger problem comes along, the first one doesn’t even register on your radar anymore. 

Let’s take it to an extreme. Your relationship is breaking down and you have tried so hard to save it but the realisation has set in that you may not actually be able to save it. It consumes you all day, everyday and you can’t think of anything else! Then a bigger problem comes along, your child is sick, very sick, the doctor can only give bad news. Your world stops! The smaller problem doesn’t even enter your thinking anymore. All you want to do is fix the bigger problem. 

So my point……

Problems only exist to the point we allow them to. We don’t want the solution to problems to be having evening bigger problems! But we now know that we can either let them consume us or not! Why must it take another negative distraction to remedy the first? The answer is, it doesn’t! pastedGraphic_1.png? 

It all comes down to MINDSET & ACTION!pastedGraphic_2.png?

When someone wants to get fit, they go to the gym and work out for months before they get obvious results. So why do we not spend the time on ourselves to change our MINDSET from one that is detrimental to us, to one that helps us move forward and grow? After all, surely the goal is to be happy? Yet we go on for years and years without taking any ACTION! 

‘If you do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got!’

I know it’s not easy. I don’t claim it to be. Breaking habits of a lifetime can be challenging. But with the right coach and with the right guidance, you just might be able to see your way through to the otherside and get to who and where you want to be!!! 

ACTION! ACTION! ACTION! pastedGraphic_3.png??

Without this, things will always remain the same. 

Much love
Jazz x