▶️Do you try your hardest to look ahead but keep going back to old thoughts and behaviors

▶️Do you BLAME yourself

▶️Have you convinced yourself that things cannot change because you are not in control

▶️Do you believe happiness is a luxury you will never obtain

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of the above…my next question to you is ‘HAVE YOU ALLOWED YOURSELF TO HEAL’

Often as professionals or as Leaders of tomorrow, we have a ‘push forward’ mindset. This mindset is a blessing. We strive to grow and be successful. However, this mindset can also be impatient, want fast results and neglects the need to ‘heal’.


‘What many people don’t understand is the heart and soul need time to heal when wounded, just as much as physical wounds do. Don’t expect the pain to ever go away if you don’t give yourself a chance to heal’ Melanie Koulouris

If we don’t allow ourselves to heal, we will never be able to live the best version of ourselves. So please allow me share My 5 Top Tips to heal:

1️⃣ Make a list of the events you feel you need to heal from

Set aside some time to examine the event(s). Pain can grow and grow. By gaining clarity on the core event(s) you need to heal from, you may find that unnecessary things have attached to the pain and allowed it to grow.

2️⃣Accept and honor your pain

It’s time to accept what happened. Accept and acknowledge the impact it has had on you. Honour the pain by knowing that you are still standing here today and therefore you have an opportunity to heal, learn and grow from it.

3️⃣Give yourself regular time alone

Think of the ways that work for you, just like taking a pill for a headache, allow yourself to explore the best medicine for you which will allow you work through and redirect the pain eg. painting, walking, being outdoors, journaling, meditating, exercising etc…

4️⃣Reach out

Time alone is great in helping us to ‘process’ things. However too much time alone can lead us to go inwards and become isolated. Make sure you reach out to those that allow you time and patience to heal. Balance your time alone and time with loved ones

5️⃣Learn from it

Allow yourself to explore the positives. This one can be the most difficult and it might take sometime before are able to do this. This stage allows COMPASSION, for you and for others. Think of the lessons learned. Think of the positive impact it has had eg. Are you stronger? Are you humbled? Are you a better mother, father, partner, friend?

For those of you on my REIGNITE HAPPINESS Facebook group, I will be doing a LIVE shortly to explain in more detail, how I applied these tips to heal in my own life.

❗️The purpose of these tips are to help you move forward. Exploring the thing we are healing from is important but please be careful not to give it so much energy that it grows. Be aware of your own balance