1️⃣Have you convinced yourself that happiness is a luxury that you aren’t lucky enough to have?

❗️Happiness is something that each and everyone of us deserve! We are born with an abundance of happiness so why as adults, do we convince ourselves ‘it’s just not something within my reach’

2️⃣What are you ‘waiting’ for?

❗️We tell ourselves that we’ll be happy once we get x,y,z. We make excuses by ‘waiting for the right time’. Happiness isn’t something we need to save up for and purchase. Make the decision today, start with small steps. It’s your choice – ONE DAY? Or DAY ONE?

3️⃣We tell ourselves we are not valuable

❗️I am not important. I am not special. There are lots of unhappy people in the world so it’s not a big deal. Well guess what, it is! We all have individual gifts. We are all ‘uniquely brilliant’. We ALL have something to offer to ourselves and others. If we don’t value ourselves, how can we expect others to?

▶️We spend thousands every year on clothes, cars, shoes etc….investing in ourselves makes us uncomfortable – WHY?

▶️We wait and wait for tomorrow – WHY?

▶️Remember, doing nothing is also a decision.