As a professional or leader of tomorrow, you more than likely are or realise the importance of being an ‘action taker’.

What many of my clients seem to overlook before working with me, is their own belief system and the impact it has on all areas of their life.
Roger Bannister
Prior to 1974 the common belief was that man was not physically capable of running a mile in under 4 minutes. Then on 6th May 1954, Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute barrier with a time of 3:59.4
A great achievement in itself, it’s what followed that I find most astounding. After Bannister broke this barrier, a further 37 athletes went on to run a mile in under 4 minutes that same year! And many more since. Not only did Bannister shatter his own existing beliefs, but he shattered many others’.
•Self belief let’s you see opportunities
If you believe you can reach your goals, your mind operates with the highest amount of receptivity to detect opportunities
•Self belief finds creative solutions
When faced with a problem in life or work we can get anxious. The solution becomes harder to find. Self belief helps you to think clearly as it stimulates reasoning, memory and creativity. Making it more likely to find GOOD solutions
•Self belief stimulates action and persistence
Motivation plays a massive part in creating the life and career we desire. With self belief we are more likely to play the long game and keep going even when we encounter setbacks
•Self belief makes others more responsive
If you deliver your requests with conviction, others will be more inclined to respond to your request. Lack of self belief can lead to hesitance which makes rejection more likely.
As professionals and Leaders of tomorrow, we must ensure our belief system is in check. Being an ‘action taker’ is important. However, if you place ceilings on yourself you will miss key opportunities and shy away from those critical decisions that allow you to achieve your true potential. We are capable of so much more than we realise.
I work with individuals on a one to one basis to challenge their belief system. After all, our beliefs come from our past, but just because we think it, doesn’t make it true. If you would to explore your true potential, you can book a FREE Discovery Call with me at
I also deliver one to one coaching within businesses. CEOs, Executives and business owners are beginning to recognise the benefit of investing in their professional staff and their Leaders of tomorrow. The result? A solid team of confident and opportunistic action takers! To find out more as an employer, please email
What ceilings are you placing on yourself?
Are your beliefs holding you back in your life or career?