Throughout life we experience good and bad right? 

The good times stay with us but unfortunately so do the bad. These experiences begin to shape who we are or at least who we think we are! pastedGraphic.png?

I’m sure we have all heard ‘Time is a great healer’ pastedGraphic_1.png⏰ It can be. But it is not the ONLY healer and I don’t believe it to be the best either! 

Stay with me here……

If time is the great healer, why are people still suffering in adulthood from childhood negative experiences? 

If time is the great healer, how are some people able to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and carry on without ‘time’?

The key? Move forward! Even if it’s small gentle steps…..pastedGraphic_2.png? MOVE FORWARD pastedGraphic_2.png?

You can sit and wait for time to do it’s work. Maybe it will, for many it doesn’t. You could look back in 10 years time and think, well I made it. I don’t feel the pain like I used to anymore. But will you be where you want to be? Who knows? Maybe you could wait another 10 years to find out? 


You can take action and make a life changing decision right now. You can explore, do some work and look back a year from now. Not 10 years or 20 years…1 YEAR FROM NOW…..and be where you want to be! You could even be somewhere so special that even time couldn’t have got you there! Where are you ready to go? Now that is the question! pastedGraphic_3.png?

Yet we sit back. We tell ourselves it will be ok. We put all our faith in ‘time’ hoping one day things may change. One day things will be different. 

We invest our money in houses, cars, personal appearance and other material things. Will these things move you forward a year from now? Ask yourself honestly.

Yet we do not invest in ourselves. We do not invest in our personal development. We do not invest in any real solution! We just invest in plasters. Hoping the wounds will heal over time. 

Why not try an authentic journey to catapult you forward? Why not try a journey that gives you quicker results?

Book a complimentary online discovery session with me (click on the ‘message’ button on this page and get in touch) to see how you can catapult forward to the life YOU want after sitting still for as long as you have. 

You are special and so is every second that goes by. Don’t waste your precious seconds on waiting. Spend them on some thing fruitful, empowering and more importantly, closer to your desired destination! Start your journey now!!! pastedGraphic_2.png? Let’s do this! 

Much love

Jazz x