pastedGraphic.png?You have the power to SMILE pastedGraphic.png?

Change your mental state by changing your physical state. In fact, take a moment to smile to yourself right now. Why does something as simple as a grin have so much power to motivate you?

pastedGraphic.png?You have the power to GAIN CLARITY pastedGraphic.png?

Yes, we can make all the excuses in the world for not being able to get 15 minutes alone. But they ARE excuses. So, you are feeling lost or you can’t find your direction. Give yourself 15 minutes every day to brainstorm or meditate or write or do whatever works for you to gain clarity. Stick with it! These 15 minutes will become your awakening bubble!

pastedGraphic.png?You have the power of FREEDOM pastedGraphic.png?

Make your choices wisely. You are starting your business, you work, you have a family, a partner and other responsibilities and commitments, therefore your freedom is limited. No! This is a complete illusion. I work, I have a family, I have a husband, I have a home to run but I also manage to make time for my business. Why? Because I choose wisely. Every minute of my day is valuable, as is yours! Learn to consciously choose every choice you make, before too long your choices will work for you, not against you.

pastedGraphic.png?You have the power to be REAL YOU pastedGraphic.png?

I hid away for years. Worried about others, worried about fitting in and conforming. I don’t fit and I’m a little odd. I know that. But then I came out to play and my world view was flipped upside down. Have people tried to influence and direct me away from my authentic self? Yes! Is going it alone scary? Yes! But am I being true to myself? Absolutely! And guess what? The world wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. There are other people that don’t fit. There are others that are a little odd, we all fit somewhere, just not everywhere. I am happy fitting in where there is a need to serve others, where there is love and compassion and where success is happiness AND money not simply money alone. 

pastedGraphic.png?There is so much MORE power within you! I’m bursting with excitement for you! Because if you are reading this, you know I’m telling you the truth and you know its time. Reignite that fire to get to where you want to be. Its all within your power. TRUST MEpastedGraphic.png

Much love

Jazz x