Here are a few testimonials from my clients

What you want from an empowerment coach is someone who not only can empathise because they are a nice person, but someone who knows the deep, often unspoken truths that sit on the inside. Jazz can do all of this because she's been on a journey like no other. She's got the knowledge, but crucially, the life experience and has already walked the paths that you need to go down on her way up to the confident coach she is today. Hold her hand and let her guide you, she is simply superb and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Founder of The Improvement Group, Hertfordshire
Jazz has a natural knack for getting to the bottom of a problem/blocker and talking it through from a perspective you hadn’t always noticed yourself. After spending 5 minutes with Jazz you’ll feel like you’ve known her for a lifetime and she is someone you instinctively know you can trust. She’s one of life’s nurturers - conversations are never forced, never judged and always motivating. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Jazz to my family and friends.
Strategy Manager, Scotland
My struggles before coaching with Jazz was I was thinking of everything all at once. I was unable to take each individual problem, instead it was a huge mass whirling around my head. However, after my first coaching session I managed to take massive steps forward in resolving what I thought were impossible situations. Coaching from Jazz helped me take action. The results have made me feel much more at peace and in control of my life! Jazz Made me realise all that was in my control. I had the tools to let certain things go and to put things right that were making me anxious. I am definitely in a better place, mentally I still have abit to go but I now know I can do this. I would 100% recommend Jazz, the calm and kind nature, the way she listens, how she helped me to see things differently, I could go on and on.
Senior Care Worker, Hertfordshire
As a business owner I am always mindful of the well being of our employees. Jazz Pitt from Jazz Pitt Coaching Ltd delivered one-to-one Coaching sessions to all of my interested and valued employees. After 6 months, the feedback from the staff has been fantastic! Some have said they are much more productive at work, others have said they are proud to work in a company that recognise employee well being as a priority and even said there is a noticeable difference in the atmosphere at work. Jazz has been a great investment. Not only will she now be working with new employees as we expand the business, but the the staff that are already working with her have asked to continue for a further 6 months so they can develop themselves even further. If you are a business looking to invest in the well being of your staff, Jazz's genuine passion for helping others and her one-to-one method has been extremely effective in the development and motivation of the solid team behind the expanding Kestronics.
Director at Kestronics, Hertfordshire
I was struggling with getting motivated and moving on in life. Jazz's Coaching gave me structure on how to take each task and work at it every week, before every session so that it motivated me to move forward. I’m so happy. I’ve made a lot of progress and everything I wanted has been achieved! If I had not reached out I would not have designed my own website, resolved some difficult decisions and found peace. Jazz's follow up emails were so so helpful and kept me on point. I looked forward to every session and speaking to Jazz, not as a coach but as a friend. She always made sense, never opinionated in a bad way and never judged me about anything I was saying or going through but her honesty really meant a lot. I would definitely recommend Jazz to others. She really knows her stuff and it really does help. I’m so happy I reached out. Thanks Jazz
Tutor/Educational Support, Barking
Before starting my life coach sessions with Jazz, I found myself in a negative mindset which was affecting the way I viewed myself, others and situations. Jazz was able to help quickly identify my bad habits that would often impact on my happiness – even ones I didn’t realise I had. From the first session with Jazz I began to recognise these negative behaviours and attitudes, and she gave me valuable methods to prevent and deal with them. Jazz made it very easy to feel comfortable and open up, due to her warm personality and kind nature. She is undoubtedly extremely knowledgeable and has an unbiased and unjudging approach. I could not recommend Jazz enough as she has helped me identify ways of improving my confidence and has provided me with the tools to maintain the brighter outlook I have on life. Her support has made a significant impact on my overall happiness, and I am immensely grateful!
Professional, GSK Hertfordshire

After my initial meeting with Jazz, I was left with no doubt at all that this was my way forward.

Jazz completely understood my needs and quickly got to work.  The sessions have helped me with organisation, skills to deal with my team, techniques for all situations and most importantly helped me to get beyond my self imposed limits.  She listens, questions and challenges the negatives in a constructive, yet gentle way.

My time with Jazz has changed how I view my career and home life and both are much healthier as a result.  She is a wonderful warm person and so easy to talk to, I would highly recommend her.

Manager, Hertfordshire
I have recently finished my 12 weeks of coaching with Jazz and she has helped me no end with my mindset which was holding me back with my business. Jazz is just the loveliest, warmest coach I’ve ever worked with. She has amazing empathy but is also a straight talker.I cannot recommend her highly enough and I know if I have an blips in the future I’ll be straight on the phone booking in another season.
Ex Police Officer/Small Business Owner, Stevenage
Jazz Pitt Coaching

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