Here are a few testimonials from my clients

I am an entrepreneur who has recently graduated. I am usually quite a driven, passionate man. However I just couldn’t seem to get motivated to take my business to the next level. Until I met Jazz! She has helped me work through some issues that were holding me back and as a result, I am now moving forward again! I have gained clarity and am back on the road to achieving my goals!
Entrepreneur, photographer, founder of VJP, West Midlands
What you want from an empowerment coach is someone who not only can empathise because they are a nice person, but someone who knows the deep, often unspoken truths that sit on the inside. Jazz can do all of this because she's been on a journey like no other. She's got the knowledge, but crucially, the life experience and has already walked the paths that you need to go down on her way up to the confident coach she is today. Hold her hand and let her guide you, she is simply superb and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Founder of The Improvement Group, Hertfordshire
Jazz has a natural knack for getting to the bottom of a problem/blocker and talking it through from a perspective you hadn’t always noticed yourself. After spending 5 minutes with Jazz you’ll feel like you’ve known her for a lifetime and she is someone you instinctively know you can trust. She’s one of life’s nurturers - conversations are never forced, never judged and always motivating. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Jazz to my family and friends.
Strategy Manager, Scotland
I found Jazz at a time when my mind, body and soul were giving up. I sought help outside of life coaching but none really seemed to help. Jazz worked with me to help me explore and rediscover myself. I was able open up to Jazz more than my own friends and family. Her coaching helped me answer what I wanted and who I really am, I am back in control of my life and am loving life again! Thank you Jazz.
Student, West Midlands
My struggles before coaching with Jazz was I was thinking of everything all at once. I was unable to take each individual problem, instead it was a huge mass whirling around my head. However, after my first coaching session I managed to take massive steps forward in resolving what I thought were impossible situations. Coaching from Jazz helped me take action. The results have made me feel much more at peace and in control of my life! Jazz Made me realise all that was in my control. I had the tools to let certain things go and to put things right that were making me anxious. I am definitely in a better place, mentally I still have abit to go but I now know I can do this. I would 100% recommend Jazz, the calm and kind nature, the way she listens, how she helped me to see things differently, I could go on and on.
Senior Care Worker, Hertfordshire
Jazz was very professional, I felt able to talk freely without being judged. Jazz helped me unravel thoughts in my head and make sense, which enabled me to set my plan for the future.
Full time mum, Plymouth
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